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One Hour Webinar: How to Nail Your Persuasive Presentation Opening

Do you know how to get your audience engaged right from the start of your presentation?

Do you know how to set up your entire presentation or speech for success?

If you don’t, believe me, you’re not alone!

After about 15 years in Toastmasters watching speech after speech and 25 years working in the corporate sector, helping executives with their messages, it couldn’t be clearer: most presentations don’t start well. And they go downhill from there!

In this one hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • a formula you can use over and over again to structure your opening to be persuasive
  • a powerful opening technique called “The Rivetting Open
  • the secret to figuring out your key presentation objective. Once you have this little gem, you’ll be way more effective in every presentation you undertake. You’ll put your presentations together faster, and know what to include and what to leave out

Anyone can learn the skills to putting together a targeted presentation, but no matter what level you’re at, the opening always seems to be the biggest challenge.

A great opening is the single biggest element to your success—because if don’t get the audience onside right off the top, you’ll never get them onside.

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Who’s this for?

Novice to intermediate business presenters who want to be more effective communicators and develop persuasive presentations that get results.

I will be introducing an online product at the end of the presentation, but this hour will be jam-packed with good, solid content.

NOTE: This webinar is about persuasive presentations – presentations designed to achieve a specific result.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 1013
Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2103

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