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Master Your Message in the Media

Time: One Hour
Designed for municipalities in Alberta who are having a challenge getting their message out to local, traditional media.

The media can be an effective tool for municipalities that need and want to communicate with their residents. However, getting noticed and getting printed can be a challenge. Times have changed­—there are new, powerful ways to get heard and create an ongoing dialogue with your constituents.

In this session, Peter will explore what leading municipalities are doing to get attention and control the message. It requires a well-thought out framework that uses new media in conjunction with traditional media to create a vibrant, engaged community.

To be effective, the message must be consistent, written in a compelling manner, and targeted to the media your audience frequents. You’ll come away from this session with a set of simple guidelines for creating a community presence that is relevant, focused, engaging, and credible.

Join Peter Temple Thursday, November 6 at 3 pm for this presentation. The webinar will be similar to the education session at the AUMA Convention last month, with updates based on audience feedback.

Peter Temple, the Message Master, is a media coach and consultant for persuasively presenting powerful messages on stage, on television, or in print. He helps leaders take advantage of video and technology in the new digital age. Peter has been a professional writer, producer, and director for network and corporate television for over 35 years.

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