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Webinars are running right now on a weekly basis. They’re free and fun! Click on the links below for more information on these webinars currently scheduled.

How to Create Your Persuasive Opening (Feb, Mar, Apr)

Ten Tips for Engaging and Memorable Webinars (Feb, Mar, Apr)

 Upcoming Webinars Currently in Development:

  • Setting Your Target: How to Define the Objective of Any Presentation
  • How to Figure Out What Your Audience Wants to Hear
  • How to Use Benefits That Trigger Emotions to Win Over Your Audience
  • Openings and Closings: How to Write the Opening and Closing for a Persuasive Presentation
  • How to Structure the Body of Your Presentation
  • Creative Clarity: How to Develop a Theme for Your Persuasive Presentation
  • Graphics That Grab: How to Design Charts and Graphs to Tell a Powerful Story